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7" Double 2 DIN Car Radio Stereo Bluetooth FM USB TF AUX IOS/Android MP5 Player

7" Double 2 DIN Car Radio Stereo Bluetooth FM USB TF AUX IOS/Android MP5 Player

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If you are looking to upgrade your current car stereo without having to spend too much time and money, then this is the right product for you. This car stereo has many great features.

-7” inch touch screen wide display, this unit allows you to broadcast your smart phone’s screen on to it, super useful!!! Screen mirror feature allows you to broadcast videos, GPS navigation, images, audio, and calls all in one place, super easy to pair and a JOY to operate!

-The unit comes with advance most modern Bluetooth technology, it allows you to stream music at High Quality crisp sound.

-The built-in microphone allows you to receive calls and talk while you drive, while keeping both hands on the wheel, this hands-free feature brings comfort and safety while you drive! Specially now that some states have declared unlawful to drive while holding a phone on your hand.

To make the unit even better! We have added a bonus device inside the kit, The advanced IR Pilot controller that goes on your steering wheel. This is a tiny but powerful tool, it allows you to increase and decrease your volume, mute all sound, navigate tracks, answer, and decline phone calls all without having to reach over to your phone or stereo, this awesome addition will allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while you drive!

Camera?!? Yes, the kit also comes with a rear-view camera, this camera is sealed all the way around inside out! You don’t have to worry about rain or snow or humidity damage in the inner circuit. The camera also comes with LED bright lights all around the lens, so this will allow you to view the camera feed at nighttime.


For the installation for the stereo unit and camera, all power cables and signal cables are included in the kit. The stereo comes with 2 universal wiring harness, compatible with all make and models, the stereo is compatible to be wired with all cars, however the actual unit itself will not fit all cars due to the size, make sure your car stereo slot is (17.8cm wide x 10cm high x 5.8cm deep) ß these are the actual dimension of the stereo unit, if your car stereo slot is bigger than the stereo, then you will have to use a “dash install mounting trim kit” to fill the excess gap, unfortunately we do not include the “dash install mounting trim kit” in this kit.


Package included:

1 X Car Touch Screen Stereo Player

1 X Bluetooth Remote Control

1 X Rear View Camera

1 X IR Steering Wheel Stereo Mini Controller

1 X Wiring Kit For Camera and Stereo

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